Chautuaqua Bible Study Desk

Photos and story courtesy Jenn Coustineau

I have a late 19th century/very early 20th century Chautauqua Desk. It is not like the pictures you include on your web site however, as it is for Bible Study. It is a leather case that opens up and props open. The top (standing) part is where the scrolls are (there are two) that tell the Bible stories in illustration. The piece that comes down to the table in front of that has the Bible lessons and illustration explanations as well as maps. I still have the key for the scrolls, and the pages are not even ripped. It is much more detailed than the photos you have, as it is a study, not just a writing desk.

I have taken it to the Royal Ontario Museum, the University of Toronto Thomas Fisher Rare Books Collection, the Toronto Public Library - Osborne Rare Books Collection, and have contacted both a Professor at the University of Toronto and the Chautauqua Institute's Archivist. I seem to be going in circles with this quest. What we really want to do with it is sell it to the Osborne collection, but we are required to have an appraisal or quote in writing before they will make an offer. (They asked to buy it, I did not offer it).

We would like to find some type of quote on price as we have an offer to purchase it.
Mail me if you can provide an accurate quote.









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