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The Home Teacher Booklet

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History of the Chautauqua Industrial Art Desk


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Busy Mother's Best Friend

Learning to Write

The Boy Problem

Alternate Setups


Use and Care of the Desk

Child Life Booklet

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Linear Perspective

Object Drawing

Master Book I

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Color Mixing

Paper Cutting

Care of Modeling Clay



"...in the educational history of our country... the value of drawing was then practically unknown and an inclination on the part of children thus to express the ideas that float before their inward vision was regarded as an outcropping of evil tendencies. The history of the introduction of drawing in our schools, in whose trail have followed the manual arts and the practical sciences, may be graphically traced in the development of the picture studies in our work as they appear in successive editions."  *


"Our picture lessons reduce to a form intuitively comprehensible to the child the elements that lie at the basis of almost all the useful and artistic pursuits of mankind. This variety of ideas is presented in a way to excite the wonder, the interest and the self expression of the normal child through which he is most likely to find his best self. With these claims, our work assumed a broader mission than ever. It conceives of the child as being born into a world totally different and distinct from that of the adult. We believe the problem in education is to furnish this child-world with ideas the growth and direction of which will lead to useful and serviceable careers."*


*Excerpted from The Home Teacher. Copyright 1903, 1913 Powers, Myers and Company



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