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Photos courtesy of Berwyn J. Andrus

The desk was a fun thing for me as a kid, but the memories are pretty sketchy until I pulled it out and looked at it a little with the grandkids. My daughter was on a business trip with her husband near the facility and someone gave her a pass to it. She was excited to see the view at the start of the reel which showed the lake and trees and old buildings. She said it looked very much the same.

The chalk drawing of the cat was one thing that I have always remembered from the desk. Browsing through some of the rolls brought back a lot of memories. This one has been used a lot, so it shows signs of wear, but is in pretty good shape otherwise. Pushing the little slide pin to secure the scroll section upright to the blackboard, brought back memories of having done that a lot. I have the Master Scrolls A, C, and E, along with the basic scroll with the desk. The shipping box is a little dog-eared as it has been used as the storage box all my life.





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